Homemade Biscuit Recipe...Mini-"Cook Books" for your smart phone!!

I want to show you how to make delicious Homemade Biscuits, from scratch, in only Fifteen Minutes
Start to finish!!

Our mini cook books are specially formatted for any smart phone or tablet, and of course they are easy to read off your computer.
So just Fill out the form on the left and I will send you my world famous biscuit recipe instantly via your email absolutely free! The recipe will be specially formatted for your smart phone, as well as a standard email version you can print or read on a regular computer.

Accessing recipes from a smart phone is the way of the future because its so quick and easy, separating your recipes by small mini cook books makes finding recipes a snap.

If you want to be a great cook you must have great recipes to follow it is that simple… Find great recipes and the rest is easy. Hi my name is Ross and I am the founder of quick easy good recipes.com, I don’t know how you found this web page but if you are searching for the best homemade biscuit recipe available you are at the right place, here’s why.

We have baked literally thousands of biscuits to perfect this recipe and have eliminated any ingredient or step we did not feel made a significant difference in the taste, look, or the overall quality for this recipe...We will show you how to make Biscuits from scratch in only fifteen minutes…start to finish. We provide the recipe to you instantly via your email as well as a downloadable pdf. Because of the special formatting there is no need to print anything out you can just read it right off your smart phone or tablet.

You will always have a copy at your fingertips no more looking through piles of traditional cookbooks for recipes or waiting for a website to load and then scrolling and pinching or squinting to read. Having the recipe on your phone makes it so easy to share with others too, just text or email it. On some occasions you might be cooking some where other than home like when on vacation or holiday at a family or friends house, now you have it covered just pull the recipe up right there on the phone!

Everyone is so busy now days, rushing to work rushing the kids to school and soccer practice and on and on there just isn't enough hours in the day and because of that most family meals are picked up from the local fast food restaurant or something heated up out of the freezer. So when you do take your valuable time to cook it has to be simple quick and easy.  Our Awesome recipes are easy access because they are right there on your phone, so its easy to check the ingredients on the way home and see if you need to pick anything up from the store. 

Ordering a pizza and eating it with the kids in front of the TV is OK every now and then but sitting down to a real home cooked meal as a family can work miracles. Studies show that the more often families cook and eat together, the less likely kids are to smoke, drink, do drugs, get depressed, develop eating disorders and consider suicide, and the more likely they are to do well in school.

Everyone would choose a home cooked meal over something heated up out of a can but we are all busy. Rome wasn’t built in a day so start small just make some homemade biscuits to go with dinner tonight or surprise the kids in the morning with some delicious homemade biscuits for breakfast.