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Award Winning Chili Recipes

How many Award Winning Chili Recipes have won 1st place 5 times and placed in the top 3 over 25 times. If you think about it that really says something because judges taste vary from competition to competition, but to have won 5 cook-offs and placed over 25 times that should tell you this recipe is the real winner. I have been competing for over twenty years trying to get the best chili recipe and the judges say I have it. I do have a secret...it really comes down to one special ingredient.

5 pounds ground beef
3 pounds sausage (Jimmy Dean Regular)
2 large yellow onions
2 cans original Rotel
2 teaspoons chopped garlic
2 tablespoons garlic pepper
1 small bottle Valentina chili sauce
2 cans Ranch Style Beans
2 cups water
Salt to taste

Brown ground beef and sausage in standard iron skillet.
Drain and place in large chili pot. Chop and add onions, Rotel,
garlic, garlic pepper, chili sauce, add water and let simmer for
two hours. Add beans and salt to taste, let simmer for 15 minutes. ***The Valentina Chili Sauce is the secret ingredient*** Follow this recipe and I will promise you victory at your next competition. Enjoy!!